Fantasy to Reality – How to Have a Girl?

While some men seem to breeze from one relationship to another or from a one-night stand to another, others can’t seem to muster the courage to ask a girl out. There are still numerous men out there who wonder about how to have a girl It is important to understand that you do not need to be perfectly good-looking, disgustingly rich, or have a perfectly buff body to have a girl. All you need to do is to have the right attitude and point of view and you will soon have the girls of your dreams.

Get girls to b attracted to you

  • Know thyself – Most often, men find it hard to get a girl so what they do is to simply go for the nearest available one. The truth is that waiting and going for the girl that you really want is worth it. It is also worth the time and effort. Think of this first step as an assessment stage.

First, you need to make sure that you know yourself before you go picking up girls. There is a saying that “You cannot give what you do not have”. So first, you need to know what you have to offer. Assess your strengths and weaknesses. Are you good looking? Are you sweet? Are you thoughtful? Do you have a great sense of humor? Are you good in intellectual conversations? What are your interests?

On the other hand, think of what you need to improve on. Do you say the wrong things whenever you are nervous? Do you find it hard to relax around beautiful girls? Do you have a hard time starting an interesting conversation? This assessment will help you identify what you should be proud of and what you should work on.

  • Work it – Just like in any other activity, you need proper timing. A major no-no is trying to ask a girl out while she’s at work. You may have the urge to ask a girl out right away once you see her but you need to respect her time. Instead of asking for her number right away, ask her what time she gets off work and if you can talk to her then.

You can make use of time thinking of how to get a girls number while it makes her feel that you care enough not to make her risk losing her job. Likewise, you will avoid getting inaccurate reactions. As a customer, she might feel obliged to be nice even when she doesn’t mean to.

  • Be yourself – Never pretend to be someone you’re not. Once you are past the assessment stage, you already know what you are. Do

    things because you like them, not just because you want to impress a girl. A good dating advice for men is to be real from the very start. A relationship based on lies and pretentions is destined to fail. It is always better when you are loved for who you really are than being liked for the wrong reasons.

  • Be subtle – Make her feel wanted but do not sound and look desperate. Tell her that you would love to take her to dinner if only you aren’t busy. You will have a reason to ask for her number so you can call her when you have the time. Do not forget to drop a sincere compliment. A compliment is a subtle way if you want to learn how to flirt with girls.

Places, places

Seduce any woman

It is important to be in the right place when you want to meet girls. Dating tips for men usually include these places as popular choices for meeting girls:

  • The gym – Gym classes continue to get more popular for women nowadays. In the gym, you can spot girls you like. Just make sure you do not stare for too long. A quick glance, a friendly smile, and a timely wink will do. Such simple acts are simple ways on how to get a girlfriend.
  • The Bookstore – Many women like to read. There are many choices in a bookstore both in books and in women. There are those that you can find in different sections – newspapers, fashion magazines, fantasy books, romance novels, sci-fi literature, classic, self-help books, adult, and many more. This is an even better idea of approaching women if you like reading yourself. You can start conversations instantly if you spot a girl who shares your interests.
  • The Mall – Girls go to malls to hang out, shop, or spend time with friends. Some also go to malls to meet someone. Some go there because they are bored. During those times, you can seize the opportunity to approach a girl, introduce yourself and get her number. Girls in the mall are usually ready and willing to meet new people. It means they have the time to get to know you as well. Time is important on how to get a girl to like u because you can talk without worrying about time.
  • The Coffee Shop – Just like the mall, the coffee shop is a place where girls hang out, read and kill boredom. Just be aware that some girls go there for some alone time, too. Be sensitive and gauge her interest before you approach her. Your capabilities on how to have a girl depends largely on recognizing the right time to approach the one you like.

When thinking of how to get a girl in bed, all you have to do is to make her realize that you have more to offer. To know how to have a girl, make sure that you are worth having as a partner.



How to attract Women – Men’s Ultimate Dream

Some people say that women are complex creatures. Creative and curious minds have made and shown films, written articles and poetry, created art, and even conducted studies just to show and understand how complicated a woman’s mind can be. For men, all these attempts lead to the answer to the greatest question for the sons of Adam – How to attract women?

Dating tips for men

The First Move – Meet Women

Of course, before you attract women, you need to meet them. You may wonder why some men find it easy to attract women while some do not seem to have such luck. The truth is it is not just about luck. Major parts of it are where you go, who you know, what you do, and who you are. Here are some tips on how to meet women.

  • Planning is the key. Just like any other endeavours, planning is an essential part of meeting women. For most men who are busy with work on weekdays, the weekends are the ideal times to meet women. Therefore, you should make plans during weekdays. Planning takes a few minutes and it is nothing compared to an explosive weekend. You can choose to sign up for different classes where a lot of women participate – cooking, voice, dance, and acting classes, and even hobbies such as book clubs. In such setting, you are expected to interact with other participants and acquiring new skills is definitely a plus, making it the best way to meet women.
  • Be available. Who will you meet if you choose being a couch potato over hitting the gym? Work out to have a great body and not mainly to meet women. In doing so, women who are also working out will see you and give them an opportunity to get to know you. You can help them out but only when they ask you or if it looks like they really need it, such as in weightlifting and other similar exercises.
  • Love yourself. Groom. Making sure that your teeth are white, your nails are clipped, your breath is fresh, and body odor is non-existent gives you confidence that there’s nothing to be ashamed of, physically. Grooming is a major way on how to attract women. This will give you the courage to simple approach a woman you like and introduce yourself. If you need to take baby steps, then at least it will give you the confidence to smile.

Meet women online

Ask and You Shall Receive – Ask Her Out

While it is a natural act for some men, it is a herculean task for others. Here are some ways on how to ask out a girl.

  • Be confident. You need to be confident or at least look confident. Just stand or sit up

    straight, chin up, and make sure that your voice will not tremble. Start with good grooming, practice, and have your own mantra to boost your courage or your self-confidence, or both. Confidence and grooming are the most potent combination when it comes to attracting women.

  • Timing. You should know when to ask. Start with casual glances and make sure that you do not step on the border of being creepy. Once you get a smile when you let your gaze linger a bit, then that is a good sign. Smile back, say hi, compliment her for something – her hair, her eyes, her smile, her shirt, anything that is worthy of a compliment. When talking to women, you have to be sensitive about what to say and when to say it. You do not need to ask her out immediately. You can ask for her number first. A simple “I would love to have your number if you don’t mind,” will do.

The Look – What Women Want

Women’s preferences differ from one another. However, there are two things that women surely love – groomed and confident men. So if you are wondering about how to be attractive to women, just making sure that you look like you are taking care of yourself well, and that you can take care of her will definitely make you attractive.

Fresh Perspective – Younger Women

You may notice that some men date younger women, and you wonder about how to attract girls. Attracting is actually easier than sustaining such relationship, so it needs extra care. The biggest mistake of men who date younger women is trying to look and act younger. The truth is that these younger women choose to date older men, so there is definitely no need to change that. Be yourself. Do not be afraid of making fun of her. Do not just say yes to everything that she wants or asks for. Don’t make decisions for her. Be a gentleman and make sure that you stay calm because dating younger women means you will experience drama big time.

The Date Is Just the Beginning

You may think that the hardest part is over once she finally agrees to go out on a date with you. However, you have to think about what will happen during the date. What will happen after the date? What happens when you want more than just a date? How do you get a girl to like you?

You should make sure that you get to know her first. Sometimes, you are too eager to be liked that you forget to think if you really like the girl. Also, in getting to know her better, you will also know more about what makes her happy and what doesn’t. You will know more about the things that will make the relationship work out. Before the date, you need confidence and grooming. Now, during and after the date, what you need is sincerity – to yourself and to your girl.



Learning How to Talk to Girls

Do you find it hard to talk to girls? Do you want to know the secret on how to talk to girls? Are you afraid that you might humiliate yourself while talking to the girl of your dreams? I have always observed that men always find it hard to start a conversation with a woman. If you want to be with a lady, you need to learn the tricks of the trade.

You need to know how to approach women, how to date a girl, how to meet with girls, where to meet women, how to pick up women, the great pick up lines that work and the pick-up lines that don’t, and definitely how to get the girl you want.

These are just a few of the things you need to know if you want to bring home the jackpot.

Remember, first impressions last. You might be wondering, how can I do this? How do they do it? How to talk to girls?  So, if you are planning to approach girls, don’t act goofy. Be confident and just be yourself. Think about talking with your best friend. You need to be comfortable when you are approaching a woman because if you’re uncomfortable about it, then she would probably freak out and leave you there without another word. Don’t be afraid of rejection. If you were rejected before, that is totally normal. It just means that she is not the one for you.

When you date a girl, you don’t have to pretend to be someone else. You need to be yourself. Don’t forget that girls love it when a man makes her laugh. Throw a bunch of corny pick up lines just to make her smile. While she’s smiling, tell her that she has a beautiful smile. Trust me, it always works.

You want to meet girls? Then, you need to know where your type of girl hangs out. You need to be specific because you might end up with the wrong kind of girl. If you want the party type of girl, then you can visit some bars and nightclubs. You want the classy type? Go make a reservation at a classy restaurant or visit art galleries. If you want the religious type, then you can probably go to mass every Sunday and spend time with her and with God.

How to meet women

After you ask her out for a date, you definitely need to pick her up. If you have a car, then that’s good. If you don’t, then she just has to accept that. Remember, be yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone else. If you do not have a car and she wants you to have one for your date? Don’t ever see her again. Because that’s not the type of girl you’d like to end up with. Not the kind of girl who’s going to accept you when you don’t have anything fancy left in life. Better keep it low profile.

First date. It’s the first stage and you need to find out the interesting facts about her. You need to listen attentively because if you miss just a tiny yet important bit of information, she will totally shut you down – such as her favorite color, favorite band, favorite flower, even her favorite song. You need to know a lot of information about the girl you like because if she knows that you’re paying attention to what she says, then she probably would like you back.

How to get women? Simple. Give them attention. Women love attention. In fact, they want all the attention in the world but that’s just because men are not making them feel wanted. You need to make a woman feel special every second, minute, and hour of the day. Always make her happy. You need to make them feel special every day and they will give you more than what you have given them, more than what you deserve.

You see? That is how you get the girl of your dreams. You can probably hear your own wedding bells by now. Just be CAESAR. It stands for C-Confident, A-Adorable, E-Enthusiastic, S-Sensitive, A-Attentive and R-Respect. Always remember these 6 easy steps. These will guide you in finding the woman that’s right for you.

Learn to be attractive

Just a tip. Once you have found her, never let her go because she’s a keeper. She could’ve chosen a better man, but she chose you. Never make her feel lonely. Never make her feel one ounce of sadness and she will stay. She will never leave you because the key to a girl’s heart is happiness. Some girls might choose diamonds and money over the men that they love. Others say it’s being practical, but it’s not. Money cannot buy pure and genuine love.

Make her feel special day by day, and night by night. Be adventurous and keep your relationship rolling. Think about the challenges you’ve been through just to get this pretty woman that you almost peed in your pants. So don’t make any stupid decision that will make her leave you. She’s one of a kind. You know that the very moment that you saw her standing by the corner.


Winning Over a Love Interest—Tips and Advice on How to Get a Girlfriend

With February—the love month—looming around the corner, many guys are probably running over this topic in their heads: how to get a girlfriend

Seduction tips

In the modern dating world, questions like this are very tricky. Dating ins and outs are constantly changing, with social media and the internet as the main reason for the constant flux. Online dating is the new trend. Dating apps are very popular.


Generally, it’s difficult to find a sweetheart among the many fish in the sea. Worry not, though, as it is a guaranteed fact that there are still reliable ways on how to get a girl.


Tackling the issue of how to get a girlfriend is tackling the issue of the best places to meet women. There are no surefire locations, but there are places that are natural dating pools.


One of the best places to meet women is in a college or university. Universities house women from all over, from different states, cultures and races. College is the time to fall in love. It is also the time to broaden your dating horizons. Even in graduate school, universities will always serve as a dependable dating pool.


Another nifty place to meet women would be cafes and coffeehouses. Cafes are spots to relax and chill after a long day at work. The ambience and the soothing, positive vibe inside cafes may ease women into being more welcoming and warm.


Finally, having a hobby or joining a club is also a good way to run into potential sweethearts. As an added bonus, women that guys meet at these places in all likelihood share their interests.


Operating under the assumption that a guy already has a love interest in mind, the rest of the article will now focus on how to get a girlfriend.


First and foremost, the key to winning a girl over is being knowledgeable in the art of making a good first impression. First impressions play a big role in the dating world. Knowing how to approach a girl properly already takes guys halfway through to landing that relationship.


Making a good first impression starts with self-discipline. Practice personal grooming and maintain good hygiene. Personal grooming does not necessarily mean dressing up in designer clothing or wearing the perfect cosmetics. Good hygiene simply means taking care of oneself as one should.


Appearance affects how other people react to you. If guys wish to get a girlfriend, then they should strive for a positive reaction from their love interest.


Of course, appearance can only do so much. Personality and character come in next. After a guy catches the attention of the girl through his pleasing appearance, he now has to sustain that initial attraction by proving that he has something more to offer aside from his good looks.


It’s important to practice being a good conversationalist. You cannot get a girlfriend if you have no clue on how to talk to a girl. Men need to thread carefully when trying to start a conservation. Try not to seem too eager and keep a cool attitude.


Good conversationalists are adept at using body language to their advantage. So smile—no one can go wrong with smiling. It makes a person seem more open and welcoming. Girls are going to be more comfortable when talking to someone with a cheery face.


Eye contact is also a great flirting weapon. Prolonged eye contact expresses interest. Get a girl’s attention, smile cheerily at her, then hold your gaze. It will definitely express romantic interest. Eye contact is vital to picking up women.

What attracts women

Once it’s out in the open that there is a spark budding, it’s time for the flirting tips. Picking up women is not as easy as men think it would be. Each girl is different: different likes and dislikes, and different tastes in men.


There is no one way on how to pick up girls. In light of this, the best flirting advice is this: get to know the girl. This is fundamental to dating. It’s the basics, the ABCs. Familiarizing yourself with the unique traits of your love interest greatly increases your chances of getting the girl.


The next step is how to get a date. Asking a girl out is probably the hardest part of the dating game. Guys should take the time to get to know their love interest before asking them out to make the process easier. It helps in picking out a time and place for the date. It also aids in getting the details right: what flowers she’d like, or what food she’d definitely enjoy.


The first date is a crucial time to gauge expectations and compatibility with each other. Keep an open mind. Do not tell lies. Listen to each other. And most importantly, have a good time. Honesty and being genuine is what will surely land guys their second date, and in the long run, a relationship.


Overall, there is no surefire guide or walkthrough on how to get the girl. Trying to create a meaningful relationship and make it work takes a lot of effort, but effort will always lead to good results.


How to a Girl to Like You

Imagine this: You just got home from a long day at work and are ready to fall asleep, but your mind is buzzing. Questions surface regarding how to get a girl to like you, how to pick up a girl and how to get a girlfriend.

Pickup lines

This may seem difficult, but consider it as a challenge that needs to be faced with confidence and conviction. If you’re like the most of the population, it becomes scary when you approach a girl and finding out that you have run out of things to say even before you’ve started a conversation. Even worse, you may be able to get the ball rolling, but find it difficult to keep her interested. Getting a girl to like you is one thing, making her wanting to come back for more is another.


Sometimes, it feels like this is completely uncharted territory and leaves a lot of guys confused about where to go. You should know that it happens to the best of men. Don’t fret, however, for here are ten tips to guide you so you can get the girl of your dreams and  make her fall in love with you over and over again:


  1. How to get any girl: Play to your strengths


You may want to put your best foot forward when getting a girl to like you, but be warned—this may easily backfire. The best way to get any girl is to know your assets and learn to play them well. Stick with what you know, and cultivate those to impress the woman of your dreams.


  1. How to talk to women: Learn to communicate


Talking to women may prove to be daunting at first, but don’t fret. Learn to listen well to what she’s really trying to say, and learn how to pick up on the non-verbal cues as well: note her body language, the tone of her voice, and the way she looks at you. Most of communication happens beyond what is spoken.


  1. How to make women want you: Dress well


Strong yet simple is the key. If you want to pick up a girl, find an ensemble that suits you well, yet is not too flashy. Scent is also essential, so make sure you that you smell nice to make her want you even up close.


  1. How to get girls to like you: Learn to laugh at yourself


Lighten up! If you want to not only pick up a girl but even maybe get a girlfriend, you should learn how to laugh at yourself. This doesn’t mean that you should overdo it and constantly crack self-deprecating jokes – it just means that you need to learn to look at the world less seriously, yet with confidence and enthusiasm.


  1. How to find a girlfriend: Be the nice guy


Sometimes most men think that it’s the bad boys who get the most girls – this may be true if you want to be the pickup artist – but if you really want to get the girl of your dreams and keep her, make sure that you address her needs. Empathy is the key, and this can be learned with practice. Be sensitive not only to her feelings, but acknowledge your own feelings as well and deal with them healthily.


  1. How to catch the woman of your dreams: Know what is important


Set goals and stick to them. Know how to prioritize, and learn how to manage your time and energy well. If you want to catch the woman of your dreams, you have to be ready to be the man of her dreams as well.


  1. How to be the man of her dreams: Enhance your skill sets


Knowing yourself is only the first step. If you want to be the man of her dreams, you have to be ready to exert effort for constant self-growth. Evaluate yourself. What aspects could you improve on? How should you address them? Girls like men who are willing to learn new things.


  1. How to take it further with women: Embrace the unknown


Part of getting what you want means knowing how to take risks. But take note: learn how to assess the pros and cons, and know which situations are really worth the trouble. Embracing the unknown also means opening yourself up to new experiences, and it means ensuring that you will never be stuck in the same situation for a long time.


  1. How to be confident with girls: Be the man you’ve always wanted to be


To get the girl that you like, you need to be the man you’ve always wanted yourself to be. Visualize yourself as the happiest and most confident version of you. You need to define your own meaning of success before you can take the steps toward becoming successful.


  1. How to get any girl: Trust in yourself

You want to get that girl? You need to know that you can. With these ten tips, you’re bound to not only pick up girls anytime nor get the woman of your dreams, you’re bound to catch the love of your life for good. So go for it.


There you are, ten tips to get you started into getting that girl and keeping her. It’s a challenge that may seem difficult at first, but gets easier along the way. The key is to do things step by step, and whenever you feel flustered, take a deep breath, smile and say to yourself, “I can make this happen.”

Attract women

This guide may answer your initial questions as to how to get girls, but you have to trust in yourself. Belief begins with you, and taking the necessary action to get to your goals becomes second nature once you cultivate this confidence. make your move before someone else beats you to it.