How to attract Women – Men’s Ultimate Dream

Some people say that women are complex creatures. Creative and curious minds have made and shown films, written articles and poetry, created art, and even conducted studies just to show and understand how complicated a woman’s mind can be. For men, all these attempts lead to the answer to the greatest question for the sons of Adam – How to attract women?

Dating tips for men

The First Move – Meet Women

Of course, before you attract women, you need to meet them. You may wonder why some men find it easy to attract women while some do not seem to have such luck. The truth is it is not just about luck. Major parts of it are where you go, who you know, what you do, and who you are. Here are some tips on how to meet women.

  • Planning is the key. Just like any other endeavours, planning is an essential part of meeting women. For most men who are busy with work on weekdays, the weekends are the ideal times to meet women. Therefore, you should make plans during weekdays. Planning takes a few minutes and it is nothing compared to an explosive weekend. You can choose to sign up for different classes where a lot of women participate – cooking, voice, dance, and acting classes, and even hobbies such as book clubs. In such setting, you are expected to interact with other participants and acquiring new skills is definitely a plus, making it the best way to meet women.
  • Be available. Who will you meet if you choose being a couch potato over hitting the gym? Work out to have a great body and not mainly to meet women. In doing so, women who are also working out will see you and give them an opportunity to get to know you. You can help them out but only when they ask you or if it looks like they really need it, such as in weightlifting and other similar exercises.
  • Love yourself. Groom. Making sure that your teeth are white, your nails are clipped, your breath is fresh, and body odor is non-existent gives you confidence that there’s nothing to be ashamed of, physically. Grooming is a major way on how to attract women. This will give you the courage to simple approach a woman you like and introduce yourself. If you need to take baby steps, then at least it will give you the confidence to smile.

Meet women online

Ask and You Shall Receive – Ask Her Out

While it is a natural act for some men, it is a herculean task for others. Here are some ways on how to ask out a girl.

  • Be confident. You need to be confident or at least look confident. Just stand or sit up

    straight, chin up, and make sure that your voice will not tremble. Start with good grooming, practice, and have your own mantra to boost your courage or your self-confidence, or both. Confidence and grooming are the most potent combination when it comes to attracting women.

  • Timing. You should know when to ask. Start with casual glances and make sure that you do not step on the border of being creepy. Once you get a smile when you let your gaze linger a bit, then that is a good sign. Smile back, say hi, compliment her for something – her hair, her eyes, her smile, her shirt, anything that is worthy of a compliment. When talking to women, you have to be sensitive about what to say and when to say it. You do not need to ask her out immediately. You can ask for her number first. A simple “I would love to have your number if you don’t mind,” will do.

The Look – What Women Want

Women’s preferences differ from one another. However, there are two things that women surely love – groomed and confident men. So if you are wondering about how to be attractive to women, just making sure that you look like you are taking care of yourself well, and that you can take care of her will definitely make you attractive.

Fresh Perspective – Younger Women

You may notice that some men date younger women, and you wonder about how to attract girls. Attracting is actually easier than sustaining such relationship, so it needs extra care. The biggest mistake of men who date younger women is trying to look and act younger. The truth is that these younger women choose to date older men, so there is definitely no need to change that. Be yourself. Do not be afraid of making fun of her. Do not just say yes to everything that she wants or asks for. Don’t make decisions for her. Be a gentleman and make sure that you stay calm because dating younger women means you will experience drama big time.

The Date Is Just the Beginning

You may think that the hardest part is over once she finally agrees to go out on a date with you. However, you have to think about what will happen during the date. What will happen after the date? What happens when you want more than just a date? How do you get a girl to like you?

You should make sure that you get to know her first. Sometimes, you are too eager to be liked that you forget to think if you really like the girl. Also, in getting to know her better, you will also know more about what makes her happy and what doesn’t. You will know more about the things that will make the relationship work out. Before the date, you need confidence and grooming. Now, during and after the date, what you need is sincerity – to yourself and to your girl.




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